Saturday, July 31, 2010

அசிங்க பட்டான் ஆட்டோகாரன்

ஆத்தா நான் கேமரா வாங்கிட்டேன் ..... 
முந்தய பதிவில் என்னுடைய கொடைக்கானல் பயணம் பற்றி சொல்கிறேன் என்று சொன்னேன் .... அதை வாபஸ் வாங்கி கொள்கிறேன் ..... அதற்கு முன் நான் கேமரா வாங்க எடுத்த முடிவு அதன் விளைவுவை ....எல்லாரும் என்ன கமெண்ட் அடித்தார்கள் என்று சொல்லுகிறேன் ....
I am not used to typing  in Tamil so i ll continue in English post will be fully in tamil .... i swear it ...
First i decided to join a photography course  .I shortlisted Ambitions4u academy .They conduct Basic photography course once in three months. I went and en-quired there last month (JUNE). By that time the course had already started.I was informed that the next batch starts only by October. I registered my name for the next batch. 
First prerequisite for joining the course is "everyone should own a SLR camera". So i started browsing in the almighty internet and shortlisted Nikon D5000 mainly because it suited my Budget.  After deciding to buy the camera i thought it would be better to buy it in USA for the price difference . Although the difference is not much i decided to buy it there .I informed my friend's hubby(to buy it) who is in US on a official trip . He is coming back to India by first weekend. He has already bought it for me. So it is on the way to India.
Lot of my friends criticized me for spending so much for a camera ... as usual they said i am doing this because of my ஆர்வ கோளாறு.....
Before deciding to buy the camera i asked one of relation who is an expert in photography about the model. He said it is very good model loaded with features and en-quired what lens i am buying ...  I said i am not buying any lens ,i thought his question was stupid since i thought by default all cameras will have lenses. Only after that i browsed in internet and got to know that in SLR cameras it is possible to change lenses and it is possible to buy the camera without lens.... அசிங்க பட்டான் ஆட்டோகாரன் 
After that i thought what they said about me was correct (ஆர்வ கோளாறு)
ரிஸ்க் edukardellam Enaku Rusku Saapdra Madiri!!
என்ன அசிங்க பட்டாலும்  நான் course join பண்ணுவது உறுதி .....  


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Atlast I have made up my mind to start a blog. I used to read through Blogs of other bloggers and wonder what's there in my life  to share with others. In the recent past i started touring a lot with my office friends. So i thought i can share those experiences and also my மொக்கை  கருத்துக்கள் with others through this blog.

I am in the Process composing a post about my recent kodaikanal Trip .....will post it soon..